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I have read a lot of posts that have rated this combination low, and this is the only page that has beautifully explained all the characteristics. This is certainly true!! I knew one day he will since he was just finishing his college degree.. I still miss him.. I guess that is how it will end for us.. We have been friends for years but never committed. Does anybody have any advice to help me get her more interested! Sometimes I get impatient with the way she treats me.

Say man im in the same boat, flirt with her let her feel your affection towards her. Its what I did years back now she coming back around. Cheers man you got this flow naturally with her. Be consistent and let her know this is the real you No Games. This describes us VERY well. We both like the finer things in life. And when it comes to finances I am the stricter one. Our sexual chemistry has been amazing from the beginning. We do not curse at each other when upset. Never once have we called each other out of our god given names. We try to love each other the way the other receives love.

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We both crave physical touch and time spent. But he shows love thru gifts and I show love thru words of affirmation. This is both our first times living with a significant other. Both of us are very independent and were not looking for a relationship. We were platonic friends a few months before dating and it just clicked. The bond and trust is unparalleled. I have been in a couple of serious relationships for longer amounts of time than this and have NEVER had this level of security or trust in a partner. Our drive and ambition individually is nothing to what I feel like we will accomplish together.

I say all this to say. I am a Taurus woman madly in love with a Leo man. No complaints over here! If only you knew. It is very passionate and fulfilling and I know this because I attract Leo men like a moth to a flame. I am an 19 year old Taurus female and my partner is a 32 year old leo male. Although we are aware of our major age difference, we understand that a future for both of us is completely unrealistic, and I love him too much to have him for myself.

We decided to live in the moment, the passion that we both have otherwise is completely strong and our bond is completely unbreakable, especially when it comes down to love making. It feels like magic each time, like each time I am dreaming. It takes men so long to mature anyway… I think u are just fine… from one Taurus woman to another. How do I know if I got the right leo for me. Im surprised at how accurate this is between male leo and femalw taurus.

His biggest need is to be the best Partner he can be for me. My problem as a taurus, is being slow and needing alot of thought and analysing about the steps i make. Sometimes needing a week just to make up my mind about a date. Or vacation. Lets just have fun. He also does need that attention. Like to be the most important partbof my life. But i found that, he is slowly actually becoming just that. I am a Leo man but still searching for my rib. Some Astrologist said these two are not compactible.

This is my boyfriend and I almost to a T! However I can honestly say that he is the one! If we could both just work on being so stubborn! The bad times are really bad but for now at least the good times make them worth it. But mostly petty arguments. But I love this boy to death. And he does lashes out a lot , and yells but not really at me. This is so me and my man lol …. I love u darling. Secondly this relationship can be strong af because of physical relationship Leo provides the physical satisfaction and after that the argument or fight jus come to end..

This is the most strongest couple.. No matter how many hurdles are in their way they both can find ways to each other.. Once this couple fall in love with each other nothing can keep them away from each other..! So many arguments and fights, in their 20 something years marriage. I am a leo and my wife is taurus. Yes we quarrel a lot but we get over it in little time. We have been married for more than 16 years. Maybe someday. But this explains us to a tee.

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We are both so stubborn which has really stood in our way. But nobody in my life has made my heart pound like he does… I moved away from my hometown and away from him, and ended up in a relationship with a very stable, devoted virgo man…But for the life of me I cannot get that Leo out of my head. I know that would not be the case if I can earn a place in her heart. I can share some insight.. Fabs I hope it all worked out well for the two of you.

They definitely have a big ego, so they sure need constant praise. I lost a family member then bad news about my mother so gave up my job to look after her. He accepted this proposed to me I said yes as he was one true love. I have not bothered with anyone since as I was so hurt. I know he did not do this with me but he just could not wait for me. Knowing he frequents my town a lot makes me feel why? As he did not think it had much going for it perhaps it would be good to meet him to tell him how much he had hurt me. He is already talking of moving near me so that we can be together and I welcome the thought.

I have not had the chance to see what the sex would be like with this Leo man but I do know that I am already attracted to him sexually. Wish me luck all because it has been a long time since I uttered the words I love you to any man since the father of my children have died. In my heart I feel my Leo may be hearing those exact words soon. We are totally devoted to one another and even in moments of crisis we balance each other.

He is the kind of man that likes to not only talk but also demonstrate his love with actions at the same time. He is always giving me attention, I have never felt unloved or doubted his love for me.

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He treats me like a princess, and I treat him like a King. Also our physical connection is irresistible, I never want to stop showing him affection and giving him kisses and hugs, till we end up making love. Best make up sex ever he knows what I like and spoils me. He had to move from our country to grow on his career, and I stayed.

We agreed at first that we would leave each other, but in 1month we got back together, it was too painful being without contact or separated like that. This Article is spot on! Our love is strong and compassionate. We are both extremely stubborn and unwillingly to admit we were wrong. But we have both decided to stick it out for the long haul. Our sex drive has gotten us far in this relationship. After our son was born he grew up and our love grew more lovely. WE still have epic battles but we manage to make It through the winds!!

Update… Six months later and our relationship had flourished into a strong and mutual love for one another. More so then I could have imagined. This article is so spot on. I craved security and so did he, but I craved it more. He was slow at first… But through good communication and patience, we are at the turnIng point.

Leo man protects his heart, cautious of who he lets in and who he can trust. Being patient and true, honesty all the way, is the way to this mans heart. I too am cautious and guarded. He had to win my trust as well. I am with a mature Leo, so this helps.

Taurus Woman

If you are lucky enough to have found one, love him, respect him, praise him but mean it, they are smart and will know if you ate playing a game and treat him like the king he is. He loves hard! Im a Leo male. My wife a Taurus. I am so Dumbfounded by this exact on point information.

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Im in total shock, on how this explains our relationship to a tee. We argue over the stupidest things. However, I know she is the boss. I dont mind as long as I get to have my peace n fun. I just wanted to share how exact this article is. If I could just fall back from my pride n let go the arguments we would work out forever. Hello, I am a Leo and have been in a relationship with a Taurus woman for a year and a half. We have certainly had our ups and downs and arguments and hae been more apart than anything but we have managed to get through alot of these hard times with each other. Me being a Leo I can be pretty stubborn and hurt easily and of course my partner can be quite stubborn too and yep god help me when she is angry at me.

But despite everything and any of our faults in this relationship I love her unconditionally. When I read a Taurus sign just to get a better understanding of a Taurus I think wow that is my Taurus partner.

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I have realised now that I have always wanted to commit to my Taurus partner but never truly realised how much until now. One thing we lacked was communication with each other but we are communicating now and things are so much better between us. I have never been in a relationship with a Taurus and I have realised that I love this Taurus woman more than I have ever loved before in any other relationship I have had and she means the world to me.

She definately wears the pants! It is true when they say that a Taurus craves security and committment in a relationship no matter who it is with because this is all my gorgeous Taurus woman has ever wanted and as a Leo I am prepared to give her what she wants because I love her very deeply. Hope I helped you. I treat her like a queen andspit her first. She is loyal, dependable, hardworking and will have a sharp business acumen. The Taurus woman profession proves that she is independent and wants to earn her own money, no matter how successful her partner may be.

She can be a workaholic, finding it hard to switch off at the end of the day. She is loyal, dependable and hardworking and will have a sharp business acumen. The pressure that a Taurus woman professional puts on herself can make her stubborn and therefore she can blow a fuse at the shortest of warnings, so tread carefully! The Taurus woman traits encourage her to work hard to meet deadlines and targets, especially if she is financially incentivised. As a true Earth sign, a typical, high-powered Taurus woman profession is attractive to her because it takes pure dedication.

She is loyal and will work hard if her job is important. The perfect employment would be in the performing arts where she can showcase her self-respect and beauty. The banking industry would be another option as she loves to challenge herself with figures. She is a good organiser and will enjoy the power of managing people. She is a romantic, extremely passionate and is sexually experimental. Her bed is likely to reflect a luxurious comfort of silk sheets and many pillows. The Taurus woman traits in love require her to need affection, crave attention and she wants to feel completely loved.

She is loyal and steadfast and expects her partner to be the same. She does not have patience for time wasters and will not put up with someone who she suspects is a player. The Taurus woman compatibility does not like complications and would prefer an easy going, loving and long-lasting relationship. He is emotionally intelligent, honest and loyal. Both of them work with the head and the heart. He will know exactly how to attract a Taurus woman and keep her for life. I've been dating and cancer female29 dating, the crab centered. Whether you're dating tips about a.

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